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The USBInTransferResult interface of the WebUSB API provides the result from a call to the transferIn() and controlTransferIn() methods of the USBDevice interface. It represents the result from requesting a transfer of data from the USB device to the USB host.


USBInTransferResult() Experimental

Creates a new USBInTransferResult object with the provided status and data fields.

Instance properties Read only Experimental

Returns a DataView object containing the data received from the USB device, if any.

USBInTransferResult.status Read only Experimental

Returns the status of the transfer request, one of:

  • "ok" - The transfer was successful.
  • "stall" - The device indicated an error by generating a stall condition on the endpoint. A stall on the control endpoint does not need to be cleared. A stall on a bulk or interrupt endpoint must be cleared by calling clearHalt() before transferIn() can be called again.
  • "babble" - The device responded with more data than was expected.


# usbintransferresult

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