The TransitionEvent interface represents events providing information related to transitions.

Event TransitionEvent



Creates a TransitionEvent event with the given parameters.

Instance properties

Also inherits properties from its parent Event.

TransitionEvent.propertyName Read only

A string containing the name CSS property associated with the transition.

TransitionEvent.elapsedTime Read only

A float giving the amount of time the transition has been running, in seconds, when this event fired. This value is not affected by the transition-delay property.

TransitionEvent.pseudoElement Read only

A string, starting with ::, containing the name of the pseudo-element the animation runs on. If the transition doesn't run on a pseudo-element but on the element, an empty string: ''.

Types of TransitionEvent


An Event fired when a CSS transition has been cancelled.


An Event fired when a CSS transition has finished playing.


An Event fired when a CSS transition is created (i.e., when it is added to a set of running transitions), though not necessarily started.


An Event fired when a CSS transition has started transitioning.

Instance methods

Also inherits methods from its parent Event.


CSS Transitions
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