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The getAll() method of the StylePropertyMapReadOnly interface returns an array of CSSStyleValue objects containing the values for the provided property.


var cssStyleValues[] = StylePropertyMapReadOnly.getAll(property)



The name of the property to retrieve all values of.

Return value

An array of CSSStyleValue objects.


The following example uses getAll() with the background-image property. An Array is returned which contains an item for each background image declared.

// get a button element
const buttonEl = document.querySelector('button');

// we can retrieve all computed styles with `computedStyleMap`
const allComputedStyles = buttonEl.computedStyleMap();

// use getAll() with the background image property
const allBkImages = allComputedStyles.getAll('background-image');
console.log(allBkImages); // logs an array with each background image as an item


CSS Typed OM Level 2 (CSS Typed OM 2)
# dom-stylepropertymapreadonly-getall

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