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The CSSKeywordValue interface of the CSS Typed Object Model API creates an object to represent CSS keywords and other identifiers.

The interface instance name is a stringifier meaning that when used anywhere a string is expected it will return the value of CSSKeyword.value.

CSSStyleValue CSSKeywordValue


CSSKeywordValue() Experimental

Creates a new CSSKeywordValue object.

Instance properties

CSSKeywordValue.value Experimental

Returns or sets the value of the CSSKeywordValue.

Instance methods

Inherits methods from CSSStyleValue.


The following example resets the CSS display property to its defaults, setting the inline style attribute to style="display: initial" if viewed in the developer tools inspector.

let myElement = document.getElementById('myElement').attributeStyleMap;
    myElement.set('display', new CSSKeywordValue('initial'));

console.log(myElement.get('display').value);  // 'initial'


CSS Typed OM Level 1
# keywordvalue-objects

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