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The CSSNumericValue interface of the CSS Typed Object Model API represents operations that all numeric values can perform.

CSSStyleValue CSSNumericValue

Interfaces based on CSSNumericValue

Instance properties


Static methods

CSSNumericValue.parse Experimental

Allows a CSSNumericValue to be constructed directly from a string containing CSS.

Instance methods

CSSNumericValue.add Experimental

Adds a supplied number to the CSSNumericValue.

CSSNumericValue.sub Experimental

Subtracts a supplied number from the CSSNumericValue.

CSSNumericValue.mul Experimental

Multiplies the CSSNumericValue by the supplied value.

CSSNumericValue.div Experimental

Divides the CSSNumericValue by the supplied value.

CSSNumericValue.min Experimental

Returns the minimum value passed

CSSNumericValue.max Experimental

Returns the maximum value passed

CSSNumericValue.equals Experimental

True if all the values are the exact same type and value, in the same order. Otherwise, false.

CSSNumericValue.to Experimental

Converts value into another one with the specified unit.

CSSNumericValue.toSum Experimental

Converts an existing CSSNumericValue into a CSSMathSum object with values of a specified unit.

CSSNumericValue.type Experimental

Returns the type of CSSNumericValue, one of angle, flex, frequency, length, resolution, percent, percentHint, or time.


CSS Typed OM Level 1
# numeric-value

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