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The StylePropertyMapReadOnly.entries() method returns an array of a given object's own enumerable property [key, value] pairs, in the same order as that provided by a loop (the difference being that a for-in loop enumerates properties in the prototype chain as well).





Return value

An array of the given StylePropertyMapReadOnly object's own enumerable property [key, value] pairs.


Here shows an example of using StylePropertyMapReadOnly.entries() method on an elements computed styles.

// grab a DOM element
const buttonEl = document.querySelector('button');

// we can retrieve all computed styles with `computedStyleMap`
const allComputedStyles = buttonEl.computedStyleMap();

// entries returns an iterable of the items
const iterableStyles = allComputedStyles.entries();

// returns a two item array with align-content as the first item and CSSStyleValue as the second


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