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The Sensor interface of the Sensor APIs is the base class for all the other sensor interfaces. This interface cannot be used directly. Instead it provides properties, event handlers, and methods accessed by interfaces that inherit from it.

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EventTarget Sensor

When initially created, the Sensor object is idle, meaning it does not take measures. Once the start() method is called, it prepares itself to read data and, once ready, the activate event is sent and the sensor becomes activated. It then sends a reading event each time new data is available.

In case of an error, the error event is sent, reading stops, and the Sensor object becomes idle again. The start() method needs to be called again before it can read further data.

Interfaces based on Sensor

Instance properties

Sensor.activated Read only

Returns a boolean value indicating whether the sensor is active.

Sensor.hasReading Read only

Returns a boolean value indicating whether the sensor has a reading.

Sensor.timestamp Read only

Returns the timestamp of the latest sensor reading.

Instance methods


Activates one of the sensors based on Sensor.


Deactivates one of the sensors based on Sensor.



Fired when a sensor becomes activated.


Fired when an exception occurs on a sensor.


Fired when a new reading is available on a sensor.


Generic Sensor API
# the-sensor-interface

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