RTCVideoSourceStats: width property

The width property of the RTCVideoSourceStats dictionary indicates the width, in pixels, of the last frame originating from this source.

This property is not defined on the stats object until after the first frame has been produced.


A positive number indicating the width, in pixels.


This example shows how you might iterate the stats object returned from RTCRtpSender.getStats() to get the video source stats, and then extract the width.

// where sender is an RTCRtpSender
const stats = await sender.getStats();
let videoSourceStats = null;

stats.forEach((report) => {
  if (report.type === "media-source" && report.kind==="video") {
    videoSourceStats = report;

// Note, test is conditional in case the stats object
// does not include video source stats
const height = videoSourceStats?.width;


Identifiers for WebRTC's Statistics API
# dom-rtcvideosourcestats-width

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