The RTCIceCandidate interface's read-only tcpType property is included on TCP candidates to provide additional details about the candidate type.

The tcpType field's value is set when the RTCIceCandidate() constructor is used. You can't directly set its value; instead, its value is automatically extracted from the candidate a-line, if it's formatted properly.


var tcpType = RTCIceCandidate.tcpType;


A DOMString whose value is one of those defined by the RTCIceTcpCandidateType enumerated type.

The transport will try to open an outbound connection but won't receive inoming connection requests.
The transport will receive incoming connection requests but won't try to open an outbound connection.
The transport will try to open a connection simultaneously with its peer.

tcpType is null for UDP candidates.


In this example, the candidate's protocol and tcpType are used to adjust the user interface for simultaneous-open TCP candidates.

if (candidate.protocol == "tcp" && candidate.tcpType == "so") {


WebRTC 1.0: Real-Time Communication Between Browsers (WebRTC 1.0)
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