The type read-only property returns the type of navigation.


A string containing one of the following values:

Navigation started by clicking a link, entering the URL in the browser's address bar, form submission, or initializing through a script operation other than reload and back_forward as listed below.


Navigation is through the browser's reload operation or location.reload().


Navigation is through the browser's history traversal operation.


Navigation is initiated by a prerender hint.


The following example illustrates this property's usage.

function printNavTimingData() {
  // Use getEntriesByType() to just get the "navigation" events
    .forEach((p, i) => {
      console.log(`= Navigation entry[${i}]`);

      // DOM Properties
      console.log(`DOM content loaded = ${p.domContentLoadedEventEnd - p.domContentLoadedEventStart}`);
      console.log(`DOM complete = ${p.domComplete}`);
      console.log(`DOM interactive = ${p.domInteractive}`);

      // Document load and unload time
      console.log(`document load = ${p.loadEventEnd - p.loadEventStart}`);
      console.log(`document unload = ${p.unloadEventEnd - p.unloadEventStart}`);

      // Other properties
      console.log(`type = ${p.type}`);
      console.log(`redirectCount = ${p.redirectCount}`);


Navigation Timing Level 2
# dom-performancenavigationtiming-type

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