PerformanceEventTiming: processingEnd property

The read-only processingEnd property returns the time the last event handler finished executing.

It's equal to PerformanceEventTiming.processingStart when there are no such event handlers.


A DOMHighResTimeStamp timestamp.


Using the processingEnd property

The processingEnd property can be used when observing event-timing entries (PerformanceEventTiming). For example, to calculate input delay or event processing times.

const observer = new PerformanceObserver((list) => {
  list.getEntries().forEach((entry) => {
    // Full duration
    const duration = entry.duration;
    // Input delay (before processing event)
    const delay = entry.processingStart - entry.startTime;
    // Synchronous event processing time
    // (between start and end dispatch)
    const time = entry.processingEnd - entry.processingStart;
// Register the observer for events
observer.observe({ type: "event", buffered: true });


Event Timing API
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