PerformanceEventTiming: cancelable property

The read-only cancelable property returns the associated event's cancelable property, indicating whether the event can be canceled.


A boolean. true if the associated event is cancelable, false otherwise.


Observing non-cancelable events

The cancelable property can be used when observing event-timing entries (PerformanceEventTiming). For example, to log and measure non-cancelable events only.

const observer = new PerformanceObserver((list) => {
  list.getEntries().forEach((entry) => {
    if (!entry.cancelable) {
      const delay = entry.processingStart - entry.startTime;
      console.log(, delay);

// Register the observer for events
observer.observe({ type: "event", buffered: true });


Event Timing API
# dom-performanceeventtiming-cancelable

Browser compatibility

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