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The InputEvent() constructor creates a new InputEvent.


 event = new InputEvent(typeArg, inputEventInit);


Is a DOMString representing the name of the event.

Is a InputEventInit dictionary, having the following fields:

  • inputType: (Optional) A string specifying the type of change for editible content such as, for example, inserting, deleting, or formatting text.
  • data: (Optional) A string containging characters to insert. This may be an empty string if the change doesn't insert text (such as when deleting characters, for example).
  • dataTransfer: (Optional) A DataTransfer object containing information about richtext or plaintext data being added to or removed from editible content.
  • isComposing: (Optional) A boolean indicating that the event is part of a composition session, meaning it is after a compositionstart event but before a compositionend event.  The default is false.
  • ranges: (Optional) An array of static ranges that will be affected by a change to the DOM if the input event is not canceled. 

The InputEventInit dictionary also accepts fields from UIEventInit and from EventInit dictionaries.


Specification Status Comment
Input Events Level 2
The definition of 'InputEvent()' in that specification.
Working Draft Initial definition.

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Basic support 60 31 (31) ? 47 ?
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Basic support 60 60 31.0 (31) ? 47 ?

See also

  • InputEvent, the interface of the objects it constructs.

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