InputEvent: InputEvent() constructor

The InputEvent() constructor creates a new InputEvent object.


new InputEvent(type)
new InputEvent(type, options)



A string with the name of the event. It is case-sensitive and browsers set it to beforeinput, or input.

options Optional

An object that, in addition of the properties defined in UIEvent(), can have the following properties:

inputType Optional

A string specifying the type of change for editable content such as, for example, inserting, deleting, or formatting text.

data Optional

A string containing characters to insert. This may be an empty string if the change doesn't insert text (such as when deleting characters, for example).

isComposing Optional

A boolean indicating that the event is part of a composition session, meaning it is after a compositionstart event but before a compositionend event. The default is false.

Return value

A new InputEvent object.


UI Events
# dom-inputevent-inputevent

Browser compatibility

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See also

  • InputEvent, the interface of the objects it constructs.