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The read-only fullPath property of the FileSystemEntry interface returns a USVString specifying the full, absolute path from the file system's root to the file represented by the entry.

This can also be thought of as a path which is relative to the root directory, with a "/" prepended to it to make it absolute.


var fullPath = FileSystemEntry.fullPath;


A USVString indicating the entry's full path.


This example shows a function which is called with a file system; it then gets a FileSystemFileEntry for a file named data.json and returns its full path.

function gotFileSystem(fs) {
  let path = "";

  fs.root.getFile("data.json", { create: true, exclusive: true }, function(entry) {
    path = fullPath;
  }, handleError(error));

  return path;

Obviously, this is somewhat contrived, since we know that the file's full path is "/data.json", having just looked it up ourselves, but the concept holds up for scenarios in which you don't know it.


Specification Status Comment
File and Directory Entries API
The definition of 'fullPath' in that specification.
Draft Initial specification.

This API has no official W3C or WHATWG specification.

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