The ariaValueMax property of the ElementInternals interface reflects the value of the aria-valuemax attribute, which defines the maximum allowed value for a range widget.

Note: Setting aria attributes on ElementInternals allows default semantics to be defined on a custom element. These may be overwritten by author-defined attributes, but ensure that default semantics are retained should the author delete those attributes, or fail to add them at all. For more information see the Accessibility Object Model explainer.


let ariaValueMax = ElementInternals.ariaValueMax;
ElementInternals.ariaValueMax = ariaValueMax;


A DOMString which contains a number.


In this example the value of ariaValueMax is set to "20".

this.internals_.ariaValueMax = "20";


Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 1.2 (WAI-ARIA 1.2)
# dom-ariamixin-ariavaluemax

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