EditContext: attachedElements() method

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The attachedElements() method of the EditContext interface returns an Array that contains only one item. This item is the element that's associated with the EditContext object.



Return value

An Array containing one HTMLElement object.

There can only be one element associated to an EditContext instance, so the returned array will always contain one element. If the API is extended in the future to support multiple associated elements, the return value will be an array containing multiple elements.


Getting the element associated with an EditContext instance

This example shows how to use the attachedElements method to get the element that's associated with an EditContext instance.

<canvas id="editor-canvas"></canvas>
const canvas = document.getElementById("editor-canvas");
const editContext = new EditContext();
canvas.editContext = editContext;

const attachedElements = editContext.attachedElements();
console.log(attachedElements[0] === canvas); // true


EditContext API
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