DOMPointReadOnly: fromPoint() static method

The static DOMPointReadOnly method fromPoint() creates and returns a new DOMPointReadOnly object given a source point.

You can also create a new DOMPointReadOnly object using the new DOMPointReadOnly() constructor.





A DOMPoint or DOMPointReadOnly instance, or an object containing the following properties, from which to take the values of the new point's properties:


An unrestricted floating-point value indicating the x-coordinate of the point in space. This is generally the horizontal coordinate, with positive values being to the right and negative values to the left. The default value is 0.


An unrestricted floating-point number providing the point's y-coordinate. This is the vertical coordinate, and barring any transforms applied to the coordinate system, positive values are downward and negative values upward toward the top of the screen. The default is 0.


An unrestricted floating-point value which gives the point's z-coordinate, which is (assuming no transformations that alter the situation) the depth coordinate; positive values are closer to the user and negative values retreat back into the screen. The default value is 0.


The point's w perspective value, given as an unrestricted floating-point number. The default is 1.

Return value

A new DOMPointReadOnly object (which is identical to the source point).


Creating a 2D point

This sample creates a 2D point, specifying an inline object that includes the values to use for x and y. The z and w properties are allowed to keep their default values (0 and 1 respectively).

const point2D = DOMPointReadOnly.fromPoint({ x: 25, y: 25 });

Creating a 3D point using an existing point

This example creates a point, origPoint, of type DOMPoint, using new DOMPoint(). That point is then used as the input for fromPoint() to create a new point, newPoint.

const origPoint = new DOMPoint(25, 25, 100, 0.5);

const newPoint = DOMPointReadOnly.fromPoint(origPoint);


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