The static DOMPointReadOnly method fromPoint() creates and returns a new DOMPointReadOnly object given a source point. The source point is specified as a DOMPointInit-compatible object, which includes both DOMPoint and DOMPointReadOnly.

You can also create a new DOMPointReadOnly object using the new DOMPointReadOnly() constructor.


const point = DOMPointReadOnly.fromPoint(sourcePoint)


A DOMPointInit-compliant object, which includes both DOMPoint and DOMPointReadOnly, from which to take the values of the new point's properties.

Return value

A new DOMPointReadOnly object (which is identical to the source point).


Creating a 2D point

This sample creates a 2D point, specifying an inline object that includes the values to use for x and y. The z and w properties are allowed to keep their default values (0 and 1 respectively).

const point2D = DOMPointReadOnly.fromPoint({x: 25, y: 25})

Creating a 3D point using an existing point

This example creates a point, origPoint, of type DOMPoint, using new DOMPoint(). That point is then used as the input for fromPoint() to create a new point, newPoint.

const origPoint = new DOMPoint(25, 25, 100, 0.5)

const newPoint = DOMPointReadOnly.fromPoint(origPoint)


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