CredentialsContainer: store() method

The store() method of the CredentialsContainer stores a set of credentials for the user inside a Credential instance, returning this in a Promise.

Note: This method is restricted to top-level contexts. Calls to it within an <iframe> element will resolve without effect.





A valid Credential instance.

Return value

A Promise that resolves to undefined.


Storing a password credential at successful authentication

This code would be executed after a user signs up or logs in and the server confirms the credential is correct.

// Check if the browser supports password credentials (and the Credential Management API)
if ("PasswordCredential" in window) {
  let credential = new PasswordCredential({
    id: "example-username",
    name: "Carina Anand", // In case of a login, the name comes from the server.
    password: "correct horse battery staple",
    () => {"Credential stored in the user agent's credential manager.");
    (err) => {
      console.error("Error while storing the credential: ", err);


Credential Management Level 1
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