The CSSStyleDeclaration.item() method interface returns a CSS property name from a CSSStyleDeclaration by index.

This method doesn't throw exceptions as long as you provide arguments; the empty string is returned if the index is out of range and a TypeError is thrown if no argument is provided.


var propertyName = style.item(index);


  • index is the index of the node to be fetched. The index is zero-based.

Return value

  • propertyName is a DOMString that is the name of the CSS property at the specified index.

JavaScript has a special simpler syntax for obtaining an item from a NodeList by index:

var propertyName = style[index];


var style = document.getElementById('div1').style;
var propertyName = style.item(1); // or style[1] - returns the second style listed


CSS Object Model (CSSOM) (CSSOM)
# dom-cssstyledeclaration-item

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