Blob: stream() method

Note: This feature is available in Web Workers.

The stream() method of the Blob interface returns a ReadableStream which upon reading returns the data contained within the Blob.





Return value

A ReadableStream which, upon reading, returns the contents of the Blob.

Usage notes

With stream() and the returned ReadableStream, you gain several interesting capabilities:

  • Call getReader() on the returned stream to get an object to use to read the data from the blob using methods such as the ReadableStreamDefaultReader interface's read() method.
  • Call the returned stream's pipeTo() method to pipe the blob's data to a writable stream.
  • Call the returned stream's tee() method to tee the readable stream. This returns an array containing two new ReadableStream objects, each of which returns the contents of the Blob.
  • Call the returned stream's pipeThrough() method to pipe the stream through a TransformStream or any other readable and writable pair.


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