The BatteryManager.dischargingTime property indicates the amount of time, in seconds, that remains until the battery is fully discharged, or Infinity if the battery is currently charging rather than discharging, or if the system is unable to report the remaining discharging time. When its value changes, the dischargingtimechange event is fired.

Note: Even if the time returned is precise to the second, browsers round them to a higher interval (typically to the closest 15 minutes) for privacy reasons.


A number.


HTML Content

<div id="dischargingTime">(discharging time unknown)</div>

JavaScript Content

navigator.getBattery().then(battery => {
  const time = battery.dischargingTime;

  document.querySelector('#dischargingTime').textContent = `Remaining time to fully discharge the battery: ${time}`;


Battery Status API
# dom-batterymanager-dischargingtime

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