BatteryManager: dischargingtimechange event

The dischargingtimechange event of the Battery Status API is fired when the battery dischargingTime is updated.


Use the event name in methods like addEventListener(), or set an event handler property.

addEventListener('dischargingtimechange', event => { });

ondischargingtimechange = event => { };

Event type

A generic Event.


HTML Content

<div id="level">(battery level unknown)</div>
<div id="chargingTime">(charging time unknown)</div>

JavaScript Content

navigator.getBattery().then(battery => {
    battery.ondischargingtimechange = () => {
        document.querySelector('#level').textContent = battery.level;
        document.querySelector('#chargingTime').textContent = battery.chargingTime;



Battery Status API
# ref-for-dfn-dischargingtimechange-1
Battery Status API
# dom-batterymanager-ondischargingtimechange

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