The BatteryManager.chargingTime property indicates the amount of time, in seconds, that remain until the battery is fully charged or 0 if the battery is already fully charged. If the battery is currently discharging, its value is Infinity. When its value changes, the chargingtimechange event is fired.

Note: Even if the time returned is precise to the second, browsers round them to a higher interval (typically to the closest 15 minutes) for privacy reasons.


A number.


HTML Content

<div id="chargingTime">(charging time unknown)</div>

JavaScript Content

navigator.getBattery().then(battery => {
   const time = battery.chargingTime;

   document.querySelector('#chargingTime').textContent = `Time to fully charge the battery: ${time}s`;


Battery Status API
# dom-batterymanager-chargingtime

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