The AudioTrackList property onchange is an event handler which is called when the change event occurs, indicating that one or more of the AudioTracks in the AudioTrackList have been enabled or disabled.

The event is passed into the event handler in the form of an Event object; the event doesn't provide any additional information. To determine the new state of media's tracks, you'll have to look at their AudioTrack.enabled flags.

Note: You can also add a handler for the change event using addEventListener().


AudioTrackList.onchange = eventHandler;


Set onchange to a function that should be called whenever tracks are enabled or disabled on the media element.


This snippet establishes a handler for the change event that looks at each of the tracks in the list, calling a function to update the state of a user interface control that indicates the current state of the track.

var trackList = document.querySelector("video").audioTracks;

trackList.onchange = function(event) {
  trackList.forEach(function(track) {
    updateTrackEnabledButton(, track.enabled);

The updateTrackEnabledButton(), in this example, should be a function that finds a user interface control using the track's id (perhaps the app uses the track ID as the control element's ID) and the track's enabled flag to determine which state the control should be in now.


Specification Status Comment
HTML Living Standard
The definition of 'AudioTrackList.onchange' in that specification.
Living Standard  
The definition of 'AudioTrackList.onchange' in that specification.

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