Glossary page template

Note: Remove this whole explanatory note before publishing

Page front matter:

The frontmatter at the top of the page is used to define "page metadata". The values should be updated appropriately for the particular method.

title: Term being defined
slug: Glossary/Term_being_defined
page-type: glossary-definition OR glossary-disambiguation

Title heading displayed at top of page. Format as: Term being defined.


The end of the URL path after This will be formatted as snake case of the title: Glossary/Term_being_defined.


glossary-definition for a definition page or glossary-disambiguation for a disambiguation page.

Remember to remove this whole explanatory note before publishing

The TermBeingDefined is (include a concise definition of the term).

Include further supporting information as required, but not much — no more than 2 more small paragraphs. Any further detailed information, code examples, tutorials, etc. should go in separate articles.

See also

  • Include list of links pointing to more detailed general and technical information.
  • For example Wikipedia articles, other encyclopedia entries, technical tutorials, specifications.