MDN at 10

Celebrate 10 years of documenting your Web.

The history of MDN

In early 2005, a small team of idealists set out to create a new, free, community-built online resource for all Web developers. Their brilliant but offbeat idea grew into today's Mozilla Developer Network—the premier resource for all open Web technologies. Ten years later, our global community is bigger than ever, and together we're still creating documentation, sample code and learning resources for all open Web technologies, including CSS, HTML, JavaScript and everything else that makes the open Web as powerful as it is.

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Contributing to MDN

For ten years, the MDN community has been documenting the open Web. From fixing simple typos to writing entire suites of an entirely new API, everyone has something to offer and no contribution is too large or too small. We have over 90,000 pages of content that have been written or translated by members of our outstanding community of Mozillians. You can become one of them.

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