MDN Product Advisory Board

MDN Web Docs is a trusted source of technical documentation for web developers, built on an open-source web development documentation platform based on wiki technology, which allows virtually anyone to write and edit content.

The MDN Product Advisory Board's mission is to build collaboration between Mozilla, its documentation team, and the key collaborating organizations that help the MDN community collectively maintain MDN as the most comprehensive, complete, and trusted reference documenting the most important aspects of modern browsers and web standards.

The Product Advisory Board provides advice from external leaders, helping MDN in its mission to provide unbiased, browser-agnostic documentation of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web APIs to ensure that it's the top reference for standards-based web development.


Current members of the MDN Product Advisory Board are:

Reeza Ali Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Edge Developer Experiences

Reeza Ali is a Program Manager at Microsoft, who leads the content strategy on the Edge developer relations team. Throughout his Microsoft career, he's been a strong advocate for developer success. Over the past 7+ years, he's led several web content documentation teams and projects at Microsoft. He believes that product content and learning experiences play a pivotal role in creating successful outcomes for developers. He's passionate about content strategy, technology, and technical communication.

Sukriti Chadha Product Manager, Spotify

Sukriti Chadha is a mobile developer-turned-product manager at Spotify where she leads efforts in cross-platform accessibility and developer experience on mobile. She also serves as an Invited Expert at the W3C WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) Working Group and the Mobile Accessibility Task Force (MATF), where she contributes to industry guidelines for accessible web and mobile applications. She built a new way of making data visualization accessible for visually impaired users, and open-sourced the Android solution in 2019. Sukriti's product role entails managing developer experience roadmaps, automated testing, and embedding accessibility in the product lifecycle.

Hermina Condei Head of Product CE, Marketing Operations, Mozilla

Hermina Condei leads product management and engineering for MDN Web Docs and platform engineering for SUMO at Mozilla. Over the past years, she's driven company-wide projects focused on access and identity management for employees and the community. She also led the product team in the Open Innovation Group, with a focus on managing internal and external stakeholders for the team's portfolio of projects.

Dominique Hazael-Massieux W3C Web Technology Expert including Telecommunications Vertical champion, Web Real-Time Communications Working Group, Device and Sensors Working Group

Dominique Hazael-Massieux is part of the W3C staff, leading W3C efforts in developer relations. Dom has been working for W3C since 2000, and in addition to devrel, is currently involved in the standardization of WebRTC, device APIs and WebVR.

Brian Kardell Developer Advocate, Igalia

Brian is a Developer Advocate at Igalia. He participates in W3C where he is Igalia's Advisory Committee Representative and participates in various working groups and community groups. He also has represented the Open JS Foundation there.

Eric Meyer Developer Advocate, Igalia

Eric (@meyerweb) is an author, speaker, blogger, sometimes teacher and consultant, Developer Advocate at Igalia, and co-founder of An Event Apart. He's been working on the Web since 1993 and still finds it deeply compelling.

Laura Morinigo Web Developer Advocate, Samsung

Laura is a software developer, advocate, and mentor. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and connecting with different tech communities worldwide. Thanks to her contributions, she has been recognized as a Google Developer Expert and a Woman Techmakers Ambassador. As a mentor, she helped startups participating in accelerator programs like Google Launchpad and the World Food Programme by the United Nations. Currently, she is a web developer advocate for Samsung Internet. She contributes to web standards and spreads the word about advanced web features, helping developers create great and more inclusive web apps.

Sheila Moussavi Principal, Bocoup

Sheila is a Principal at Bocoup, where she leads a team working on web standards like HTML and CSS, and no-code programming tools like Scratch. Sheila oversees Bocoup's web standards strategy at the W3C, and is passionate about building more equitable spaces in web standards and stronger connections between the standards process and web developer education. Throughout her career in tech (and previously in health equity and disability justice), she has been focused on cultivating effective, justice-oriented organizations and work spaces.

Robert Nyman Global Lead for Programs & Initiatives, Web Developer Relations, at Google

Robert Nyman is the Global Lead for Developer Feedback & Communities, Web Platform at Google. In his role, he works to make the web the best platform for developers. Prior to Google, Robert was a technical evangelist at Mozilla, focused on the Open Web and the company's various products and initiatives. He lives in Stockholm, and has a passion for traveling and meeting people. He claims the title of "Most Well-Traveled Speaker" on Lanyrd, having presented in 42 countries.

Kyle Pflug Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Edge Developer Experiences

Kyle Pflug is a Program Manager at Microsoft, leading developer relations and community outreach for Microsoft Edge. Over the past five years, he has worked to champion web developer and partner perspectives within Microsoft. He is passionate about making the web more inclusive and accessible to developers across platforms and devices.

MDN Product Advisory Board Alumni:

  • Ali Spivak, Okta
  • Daniel Appelquist, Samsung
  • Jory Burson, Bocoup
  • Joe Medley, Formerly Google
  • Meggin Kearney, Google
  • Erika Doyle Navara, Microsoft
  • Patrick Kettner, Microsoft
  • Travis Leithead, Microsoft
  • Chris Mills, Mozilla
  • Kadir Topal, Mozilla

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