These guides provide details on how MDN documentation should be written and formatted, as well as how our code samples and other content should be presented. By following these guides, you can ensure that the material you produce is clean and easy to use.

Code example guidelines

This document series outlines the coding guidelines and best practices we use for writing demos, code snippets, interactive examples, etc., for use on MDN.

Does this belong on MDN Web Docs?

In this article, you'll find information describing how to decide whether or not a given topic and/or type of content should be included on MDN Web Docs. We'll also consider other places you might place content, although not in depth.

Editorial policies

This article describes the policies set by the Mozilla MDN staff to govern the content on MDN web docs. All contributors to MDN web docs are expected to abide by these policies.

MDN conventions and definitions

This article defines some conventions and definitions that are commonly used on MDN, which might not be obvious to some people when they come across them in the documentation.

Structured data on MDN

MDN stores data in well-defined structures when possible. This information is then centralized and can be updated once, while being used in numerous places.

Video content on MDN

MDN Web Docs is not a very video-heavy site, but there are certain places where video content makes sense to use as part of an article. This article discusses when including videos in MDN articles is appropriate, and provides tips on how to create simple but effective videos on a budget.

Writing style guide

To present documentation in an organized, standardized, and easy-to-read manner, the MDN Web Docs style guide describes how text should be organized, spelled, formatted, and so on. These are guidelines rather than strict rules. We are more interested in content than formatting, so don't feel obligated to learn the style guide before contributing. Do not be upset or surprised, however, if an industrious volunteer later edits your work to conform to this guide.