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Level-up your cross-browser compat skills with the Mozilla and Sauce Labs Cross-browser Testing Tutorial.


在使用文章所述的工具前,你應該確實理解 HTMLCSSJavaScript 核心語言的基本。


Next, we drill down into carrying out testing, looking at identifying target audience (e.g. what browsers, devices, and other segments should you make sure are tested), low fi testing strategies (get yourself a range of devices and some virtual machines and do adhoc tests when needed), higher tech strategies (automation, using dedicated testing apps), and testing with user groups.
處理常見的 HTML 與 CSS 問題
With the scene set, we'll now look specifically at the common cross-browser problems you will come across in HTML and CSS code, and what tools can be used to prevent problems from happening, or fix problems that occur. This includes linting code, handing CSS prefixes, using browser dev tools to track down problems, using polyfills to add support into browsers, tackling responsive design problems, and more.
處理常見的 JavaScript 問題
Now we'll look at common cross-browser JavaScript problems and how to fix them. This includes information on using browser dev tools to track down and fix problems, using Polyfills and libraries to work around problems, getting modern JavaScript features working in older browsers, and more.
Next we turn our attention to accessibility, providing information on common problems, how to do simple testing, and how to make use of auditing/automation tools for finding accessibility issues.
Feature detection involves working out whether a browser supports a certain block of code, and running different code dependant on whether it does (or doesn't), so that the browser can always provide a working experience rather crashing/erroring in some browsers. This article details how to write your own simple feature detection, how to use a library to speed up implementation, and native features for feature detection such as @supports.
每天在好幾個瀏覽器與設備上,運行手動測試數次,既乏味又浪費時間。要有效率的處理這種事,就要開始熟悉自動化工具。我們會在這篇文章看看有哪些可用的工具、如何使用它們、以及如何使用如 Sauce Labs 與 Browser Stack 的商業化瀏覽器測試程式之基本講述。
我們會在這篇文章教你如何安裝自己的自動化測試環境、並透過 Selenium/WebDriver 以及 Node 的測試函式庫如 selenium-webdriver 來跑你的測試。我們還會講測試環境如何與上篇文章所講述的商業軟體做整合。


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