Experimental: これは実験的な機能です。

VRLayerInit インターフェイス(ディクショナリ)の source プロパティは、 VRDisplay によってコンテンツが表示されるキャンバスを定義します。


var myVRLayerInit = { };
myVRLayerInit.source = myCanvas;

HTMLCanvasElement または OffscreenCanvas オブジェクト。

// currently returns an empty array
var layers = vrDisplay.getLayers();

if(navigator.getVRDisplays) {
  console.log('WebVR 1.1 supported');
  // Then get the displays attached to the computer
  navigator.getVRDisplays().then(function(displays) {
    // If a display is available, use it to present the scene
    if(displays.length > 0) {
      vrDisplay = displays[0];
      console.log('Display found');
      // Starting the presentation when the button is clicked: It can only be called in response to a user gesture
      btn.addEventListener('click', function() {
        vrDisplay.requestPresent([{ source: canvas }]).then(function() {
          console.log('Presenting to WebVR display');

          // Here it returns an array of VRLayerInit objects
          var layers = vrDisplay.getLayers();


VRLayerInit objects look something like this:

  leftBounds : [ ... ],
  rightBounds: [ ... ],
  source: canvasReference

Note: The canvasReference refers to the <canvas> element itself, not the WebGL context associated with the canvas. The other two members are arrays


仕様 ステータス 備考
WebVR 1.1
source の定義
ドラフト 初回定義


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