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V-neckline necklines are ideal for the following body types:

Because it gives a vertical impression to the outfit worn, the V-neckline can give the illusion of a slimmer, more elongated, and taller silhouette. Adapted to all body types, the V-neck can, depending on the depth chosen, create a balanced look.

A V-neckline is particularly recommended for silhouettes with broad shoulders and for people who have a large bust or a very short neck. While, overall, depending on the shape of the neckline, moreover, you're petite, skinny or voluptuous, the V-neck flatters and suits all body types.

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What is a square neckline?

The square collar is a neckline whose shape, on the front, evokes that of a square or a rectangle. This neckline falls straight and visually cuts the bust. This is a perfect style for women with large breasts as well as those with small breasts. However, it is not recommended for women with a square face as it will make it look too masculine.

Square necklines are ideal for the following body types:

Pyramid morphology

If you are a woman with a small neck and narrow shoulders, this type of neckline will help you lengthen your neck. In addition, if you have a round face or a pyramid-shaped body, a square neckline will help you rebalance the lines of your face as well as those of your figure. Finally, the square neckline is ideal for women with large breasts because it offers a sophisticated structure to the neckline without revealing too much.

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What is a dancer's neckline?

The dancer neckline is a very indented rounded neckline which owes its name to the leotard worn by the dancers. 

Black dress with dancer collar, fitted and sleeveless

Dancing necklines are ideal for the following body types:

Hourglass morphology

Pyramid morphology

This simple cut neckline is very flattering and fits almost any figure. Very high cut, this wide and deep neckline lengthens the neck and highlights the collarbones. Whether you are petite or tall, this neckline will suit you. The dancer collar works particularly well on people with narrow shoulders. Indeed, this neckline balances the defects as well as the proportions.

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Accompany your tops with a dancer collar or your dresses with this neckline of a collar that follows its flared shape. Lightweight, layered necklaces or earrings will not compete with your cleavage and may even create a perfect lengthening effect if you are petite.

What is a halter or halter neckline?

The halter neckline or halter neckline consists of two triangular points of fabric, of variable width according to the desired effect. These cutouts run down the chest to the back of the neck. Sometimes the halter neckline is made from a single piece of fabric that is tied or tied with a drawstring or tie at the nape of the neck. 

Avoid this neckline if:

You have a downward shoulder line

Broad or square shoulders

If you have beefy arms, broad shoulders, or a voluminous chest, avoid wearing a dress or halter top. Indeed, this neckline will tend to make you appear wider than you are.

How to wear the halter neckline or the halter neck?

No collar is needed with this particular neckline. Opt for a pair of trendy earrings or, more simply, let this spectacular neckline speak for itself.

What is a sweetheart neckline or sweetheart neckline?

This neckline has a neckline whose shape, on the front, evokes the graphics of the upper part of a heart. This very feminine neckline is mainly associated with strapless dresses, with off the shoulders. However, a few clothes with long sleeves and thin straps may also feature a heart-shaped neckline. This neckline shape is mostly found on wedding dresses and evening gowns but is increasingly found on casual clothes like tank tops or feminine tops.

The sweetheart neckline adapts very easily to all body types and to all sizes. It is suitable for small breasts as well as medium or larger breasts. Small women, with small breasts and narrow shoulders will opt for this sweetheart neckline to appear more voluptuous. Finally, the vertical hollow of this neckline visually lengthens the face and balances the proportions of the silhouette of the wearer.

Which keyhole neckline is best?

The “keyhole” neckline is very close to the halter neckline (or halter) except that the converging diagonal lines meet at the beginning of the neck to form a small slit similar to the shape of a keyhole. This very versatile neckline can have several shapes: it can be in the form of a discreet slot on a top or a dress or adopt a more or less important oval or round shape, closed by a seam, a tie to tie or a fastening system (button, clip, etc.).

Correctly positioned, this opening can give the impression of wearing a jewel and, depending on the height or it is located, this opening can reveal more or less the neckline.

Short black dress, with a keyhole neckline.

Keyhole necklines are ideal for the following body types:

Keyhole necklines can be tailored to fit most figures and women of all ages. The effect depends on the height at which the opening is located. If you have a petite bust, this neckline can magnify your cleavage and provide an illusion of volume.

Avoid this neckline if:

You have a round body shape and a voluminous chest. Indeed, located on a voluminous chest, this low-cut keyhole neckline could harm your elegance by revealing your chest a little too much.

In conclusion:

There are many other forms of necklines and necklines and this list cannot be exhaustive, however, we have no doubt that this guide will guide you on the forms adapted to your face and your body type. Now you should be able to find the perfect top or the perfect dress to flatter your figure as well as your facial features.