The <xsl:value-of> element evaluates an XPath expression, converts it to a string, and writes that string to the result tree.


<xsl:value-of select=EXPRESSION disable-output-escaping="yes" | "no"  />

Required Attributes


Specifies the XPath expression to be evaluated and written to the output tree.

Optional Attributes

disable-output-escaping (Netscape does not serialize the result of transformation - the "output" below - so this attribute is essentially irrelevant in context. To output html-entities, use numerical values instead, eg &#160 for &nbsp)

Specifies whether special characters are escaped when written to the output. The available values are "yes" or "no". If "yes" is set, for example, the character > is output as >, not as "&gt".


Instruction, appears with a template.


XSLT, section 7.6.1.

Gecko support

Supported except as above.