The <xsl:namespace-alias> element is a rarely used device that maps a namespace in the stylesheet to a different namespace in the output tree. The most common use for this element is in generating a stylesheet from another stylesheet. To prevent a normally xsl:-prefixed literal result element (which should simply be copied as-is to the result tree) from being misunderstood by the processor, it is assigned a temporary namespace which is appropriately re-converted back to the XSLT namespace in the output tree.


<xsl:namespace-alias stylesheet-prefix=NAME result-prefix=NAME />

Required Attributes

Specifies the temporary namespace.
Specifies the desired namespace for the output tree.

Optional Attributes



Top-level, must be the child of <xsl:stylesheet> or <xsl:transform>.


XSLT, section 7.1.1

Gecko support

Not supported at this time.