A StorageEvent is sent to a window when a storage area it has access to is changed within the context of another document.

Method overview

void initStorageEvent(
  in DOMString type,
  in boolean canBubble,
  in boolean cancelable,
  in DOMString key,
  in DOMString oldValue,
  in DOMString newValue,
  in USVString url,
  in Storage storageArea


Attribute Type Description
key DOMString Represents the key changed. The key attribute is null when the change is caused by the storage clear() method. Read only.
newValue DOMString The new value of the key. The newValue is null when the change has been invoked by storage clear() method or the key has been removed from the storage. Read only.
oldValue DOMString The original value of the key. The oldValue is null when the key has been newly added and therefore doesn't have any previous value. Read only.
storageArea Storage Represents the Storage object that was affected. Read only.
url USVString The URL of the document whose key changed. Read only.



Initializes the event in a manner analogous to the similarly-named initEvent()  method in the DOM Events interfaces.


storageEvent.initStorageEvent(type[, canBubble[, cancelable[, key[, oldValue[, newValue[, url[, storageArea]]]]]]])
The name of the event.
canBubble Optional
A boolean indicating whether the event bubbles up through the DOM or not.
cancelable Optional
A boolean indicating whether the event is cancelable.
key Optional
The key whose value is changing as a result of this event.
oldValue Optional
The key's old value.
newValue Optional
The key's new value.
url Optional
The URL of the document initiating the change.
storageArea Optional
The Storage object representing the storage area on which this event occurred.


HTML Standard (HTML)
# the-storageevent-interface

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