The SharedWorkerGlobalScope object (the SharedWorker global scope) is accessible through the self keyword. Some additional global functions, namespaces objects, and constructors, not typically associated with the worker global scope, but available on it, are listed in the JavaScript Reference. See the complete list of functions available to workers.

EventTarget WorkerGlobalScope SharedWorkerGlobalScope

Instance properties

This interface inherits properties from the WorkerGlobalScope interface, and its parent EventTarget. Read only

The name that the SharedWorker was (optionally) given when it was created using the SharedWorker() constructor. This is mainly useful for debugging purposes.

Instance methods

This interface inherits methods from the WorkerGlobalScope interface, and its parent EventTarget.


Discards any tasks queued in the SharedWorkerGlobalScope's event loop, effectively closing this particular scope.


Listen to this event using addEventListener() or by assigning an event listener to the oneventname property of this interface.


Fired on shared workers when a new client connects.


HTML Standard
# shared-workers-and-the-sharedworkerglobalscope-interface

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