ServiceWorkerRegistration: paymentManager property

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Note: This feature is available in Web Workers.

The paymentManager read-only property of the ServiceWorkerRegistration interface returns a payment app's PaymentManager instance, which is used to manage various payment app functionality.


A PaymentManager object instance.


navigator.serviceWorker.register("serviceworker.js").then((registration) => {
  registration.paymentManager.userHint = "Card number should be 16 digits";

    .enableDelegations(["shippingAddress", "payerName"])
    .then(() => {
      // ...

  // ...
  • PaymentManager.userHint is used to provide a hint for the browser to display along with the payment app's name and icon in the Payment Handler UI.
  • PaymentManager.enableDelegations() is used to delegate responsibility for providing various parts of the required payment information to the payment app rather than collecting it from within the merchant website.


Payment Handler API
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