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The PaymentManager interface of the Payment Handler API is used to manage various aspects of payment app functionality.

It is accessed via the ServiceWorkerRegistration.paymentManager property.

Instance properties

userHint Experimental

Provides a hint for the browser to display along with the payment app's name and icon in the Payment Handler UI.

Instance methods

enableDelegations() Experimental

Delegates responsibility for providing various parts of the required payment information to the payment app rather than collecting it from the browser (for example, via autofill).


navigator.serviceWorker.register("serviceworker.js").then((registration) => {
  registration.paymentManager.userHint = "Card number should be 16 digits";

    .enableDelegations(["shippingAddress", "payerName"])
    .then(() => {
      // ...

  // ...


Payment Handler API
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