The RelativeOrientationSensor() constructor creates a new RelativeOrientationSensor object which describes the device's physical orientation.

If a feature policy blocks use of a feature it is because your code is inconsistent with the policies set on your server. This is not something that would ever be shown to a user. The Feature-Policy HTTP header article contains implementation instructions.


new RelativeOrientationSensor()
new RelativeOrientationSensor(options)


options Optional

Options are as follows:


The desired number of times per second a sample should be taken, meaning the number of times per second that the reading event will be called. A whole number or decimal may be used, the latter for frequencies less than a second. The actual reading frequency depends device hardware and consequently may be less than requested.


Either 'device' or 'screen'. The default is 'device'.


Orientation Sensor
# dom-relativeorientationsensor-relativeorientationsensor

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