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The property RTCSessionDescription.type is a read-only value of type RTCSdpType which describes the description's type.


var value = sessionDescription.type;
sessionDescription.type = value;


The possible values are defined by an enum of type RTCSdpType.

The allowed values are those of an enum of type RTCSdpType:

  • "offer", the description is the initial proposal in an offer/answer exchange.
  • "answer", the description is the definitive choice in an offer/answer exchange.
  • "pranswer", the description is a provisional answer and may be changed when the definitive choice will be given.
  • "rollback", the description rolls back to offer/answer state to the last stable state.


// The remote description has been set previously on pc, a RTCPeerconnection



WebRTC 1.0: Real-Time Communication Between Browsers (WebRTC 1.0)
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