The WebRTC API's RTCRtpSendParameters dictionary is used to specify the parameters for an RTCRtpSender when calling its setParameters() method.


In addition to the properties below, RTCRtpSendParameters inherits the properties from the RTCRtpParameters interface.


An array of RTCRtpEncodingParameters objects, each specifying the parameters for a single codec that could be used to encode the track's media.


A string containing a unique ID for the last set of parameters applied; this value is used to ensure that setParameters() can only be called to alter changes made by a specific previous call to getParameters(). Once this parameter is initially set, it cannot be changed.

Obsolete properties


Specifies the preferred way the WebRTC layer should handle optimizing bandwidth against quality in constrained-bandwidth situations; the value comes from the RTCDegradationPreference enumerated string type, and the default is balanced.


A string from the RTCPriorityType enumerated type which indicates the encoding's priority. The default value is low.


WebRTC 1.0: Real-Time Communication Between Browsers (WebRTC 1.0)
# dom-rtcrtpsendparameters

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