The perDscpPacketsReceived property of the RTCInboundRtpStreamStats dictionary is a record comprised of key/value pairs in which each key is a string representation of a Differentiated Services Code Point and the value is the number of packets received for that DCSP.

Note: Not all operating systems make data available on a per-DSCP basis, so this property shouldn't be relied upon on those systems.


var perDscpPacketsReceived = rtcInboundRtpStreamStats.perDscpPacketsReceived;


A record comprised of string/value pairs. Each key is the string representation of a single Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP)'s ID number.

Note: Due to network bleaching and remapping, the numbers seen on this record are not necessarily going to match the values as they were when the data was sent.


See also

  • RFC 2474: The Differentiated Service field in IPv4 and IPv6 headers