PublicKeyCredential: response property

Secure context: This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.

The response read-only property of the PublicKeyCredential interface is an AuthenticatorResponse object which is sent from the authenticator to the user agent for the creation/fetching of credentials. The information contained in this response will be used by the relying party's server to verify the demand is legitimate.

An AuthenticatorResponse is either:

In order to validate the creation of credentials, a relying party's server needs both:

Note: When validating the fetching of existing credentials, the whole PublicKeyCredential object and the client extensions are necessary for the relying party's server.

Note: This property may only be used in top-level contexts and will not be available in an <iframe> for example.


An AuthenticatorResponse object containing the data a relying party's script will receive and which should be sent to the relying party's server in order to validate the demand for creation or fetching. This object contains data from the client (AuthenticatorResponse/clientDataJSON) and from the authenticator.


const options = {
  challenge: new Uint8Array(16) /* from the server */,
  rp: {
    name: "Example CORP",
    id: "",
  user: {
    id: new Uint8Array(16) /* from the server */,
    name: "",
    displayName: "Carina Anand",
  pubKeyCredParams: [
      type: "public-key",
      alg: -7,

  .create({ publicKey: options })
  .then((pubKeyCredential) => {
    const response = pubKeyCredential.response;
    const clientExtResults = pubKeyCredential.getClientExtensionResults();
    // Send response and client extensions to the server so that it can validate
    // and create credentials
  .catch((err) => {
    // Deal with any error


Web Authentication: An API for accessing Public Key Credentials - Level 3
# dom-publickeycredential-response

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