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PublicKeyCredential is the interface to a credential created by the Web Authentication API exension to the Credential Management API.


PublicKeyCredential.type Read only
Inherited from Credential. Always set to "public-key" for PublicKeyCredentials. Read only
Inherited from Credential and overridden to be a base64 encoding of PublicKeyCredential.rawId.
PublicKeyCredential.rawId Read only
An ArrayBuffer that holds the globally unique identifier for this PublicKeyCredential. This identifier can be used to look up credentials for future calls to CredentialsContainer.get.
PublicKeyCredential.response Read only
An instance of an AuthenticatorResponse object, either AuthenticatorAttestationResponse if the PublicKeyCredential was the results of a create() call, or AuthenticatorAttestationResponse if the PublicKeyCredential was the result of a get() call.


If any extensions were requested, this method will return the results of processing those extensions.


Specification Status Comment
Web Authentication Level 1 Working Draft Initial definition.

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