The workerStart read-only property of the PerformanceResourceTiming interface returns a DOMHighResTimeStamp immediately before dispatching the FetchEvent if a Service Worker thread is already running, or immediately before starting the Service Worker thread if it is not already running. If the resource is not intercepted by a Service Worker the property will always return 0.




A DOMHighResTimeStamp.


In the following example, the value of the *Start and *End properties of all "resource" type events are logged.

function print_PerformanceEntries() {
  // Use getEntriesByType() to just get the "resource" events
  var p = performance.getEntriesByType("resource");
  for (var i=0; i < p.length; i++) {
function print_start_and_end_properties(perfEntry) {
  // Print timestamps of the PerformanceEntry *start and *end properties 
  properties = ["connectStart", "connectEnd",
                "domainLookupStart", "domainLookupEnd",
                "redirectStart", "redirectEnd",
                "responseStart", "responseEnd",

  for (var i=0; i < properties.length; i++) {
    // check each property
    var supported = properties[i] in perfEntry;
    if (supported) {
      var value = perfEntry[properties[i]];
      console.log("... " + properties[i] + " = " + value);
    } else {
      console.log("... " + properties[i] + " = NOT supported");


Specification Status Comment
Resource Timing Level 1
The definition of 'workerStart' in that specification.
Candidate Recommendation Initial definition.

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