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The PaymentDetailsUpdate dictionary is used to provide updated information to the payment user interface after it has been instantiated. This can be done either by calling the PaymentRequestUpdateEvent.updateWith() method or by using the method's detailsPromise parameter to provide a Promise that returns a PaymentDetailsUpdate that updates the payment information before the user interface is even enabled for the first time.


displayItems Optional
An array of PaymentItem objects, each describing one line item for the payment request. These represent the line items on a receipt or invoice.
error Optional
A DOMString specifying an error message to present to the user. When calling updateWith(), including error in the updated data causes the user agent to display the text as a general error message. For address field specific errors, use shippingAddressErrors.
modifiers Optional
An array of PaymentDetailsModifier objects, each describing a modifier for particular payment method identifiers. For example, you can use one to adjust the total payment amount based on the selected payment method ("5% cash discount!").
shippingAddressErrors Optional
An AddressErrors object which includes an error message for each property of the shipping address that could not be validated.
shippingOptions Optional
An array of PaymentShippingOption objects, each describing one available shipping option from which the user may choose.
total Optional
A PaymentItem providing an updated total for the payment. Make sure this equals the sum of all of the items in displayItems. This is not calculated automatically. You must update this value yourself anytime the total amount due changes. This lets you have flexibility for how to handle things like tax, discounts, and other adjustments to the total price charged.


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