Navigation: traverseTo() method

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The traverseTo() method of the Navigation interface navigates to the NavigationHistoryEntry identified by the given key.


traverseTo(key, options)



The key of the NavigationHistoryEntry to navigate to.

options Optional

An options object containing the following properties:


Developer-defined information to be passed along to the navigate event, made available in This can be any data type. You might, for example, wish to display newly-navigated content with a different animation depending on how it was navigated to (swipe left, swipe right, or go home). A string indicating which animation to use could be passed in as info.

Return value

An object with the following properties:


A Promise which will fulfill when the visible URL has changed and a new NavigationHistoryEntry has been created.


A Promise which will fulfill when all promises returned by the intercept() handler are fulfilled. This is equivalent to the NavigationTransition.finished promise fulfilling, when the navigatesuccess event fires.

Either one of these promises rejects if the navigation has failed for some reason.


InvalidStateError DOMException

Thrown if the Navigation.currentEntry's NavigationHistoryEntry.index value is -1, meaning the current Document is not yet active, of if the navigation history list does not contain a NavigationHistoryEntry with the specified key.


Set up home button

function initHomeBtn() {
  // Get the key of the first loaded entry
  // so the user can always go back to this view.
  const { key } = navigation.currentEntry;
  backToHomeButton.onclick = () => {
// Intercept navigate events, such as link clicks, and
// replace them with single-page navigations
navigation.addEventListener("navigate", (event) => {
    async handler() {
      // Navigate to a different view,
      // but the "home" button will always work.


Unknown specification
# dom-navigation-traverseto

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