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Experimental: This is an experimental technology
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The NDEFRecord interface of the Web NFC API provides data that can be read from, or written to, compatible NFC devices, e.g. NFC tags supporting NDEF.


NDEFRecord() Experimental

Returns a new NDEFRecord.

Instance properties

NDEFRecord.recordType Experimental Read only

Returns the record type of the record. Records must have either a standardized well-known type name such as "empty", "text", "url", "smart-poster", "absolute-url", "mime", or "unknown" or else an external type name, which consists of a domain name and custom type name separated by a colon (":").

NDEFRecord.mediaType Experimental Read only

Returns the MIME type of the record. This value will be null if recordType is not equal to "mime".

NDEFRecord.id Experimental Read only

Returns the record identifier, which is an absolute or relative URL used to identify the record.

Note: The uniqueness of the identifier is enforced only by the generator of the record.

NDEFRecord.data Experimental Read only

Returns a DataView containing the raw bytes of the record's payload.

NDEFRecord.encoding Experimental Read only

Returns the encoding of a textual payload, or null otherwise.

NDEFRecord.lang Experimental Read only

Returns the language of a textual payload, or null if one was not supplied.

Instance methods

NDEFRecord.toRecords() Experimental

Converts NDEFRecord.data to a sequence of records. This allows parsing the payloads of record types which may contain nested records, such as smart poster and external type records.


# dom-ndefrecord

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