IdentityCredential: isAutoSelected property

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The isAutoSelected read-only property of the IdentityCredential interface indicates whether the federated sign-in flow was carried out using auto-reauthentication (i.e. without user mediation) or not.

Automatic reauthentication can occur when a navigator.credentials.get() call is issued with a mediation option value of "optional" or "silent". It is useful for a relying party (RP) to know whether auto reauthentication occurred for analytics/performance evaluation and for UX purposes — automatic sign-in may warrant a different UI flow to non-automatic sign-in.


A boolean value. true indicates that automatic reauthentication was used; false indicates that it was not.


RPs can call navigator.credentials.get() with the identity option to make a request for users to sign in to the RP via an identity provider (IdP), using identity federation. Auto-reauthentication behavior is controlled by the mediation option in the get() call:

async function signIn() {
  const identityCredential = await navigator.credentials.get({
    identity: {
      providers: [
          configURL: "https://accounts.idp.example/config.json",
          clientId: "********",
    mediation: "optional", // this is the default

  // isAutoSelected is true if auto-reauthentication occurred.
  const isAutoSelected = identityCredential.isAutoSelected;

Check out Federated Credential Management API (FedCM) for more details on how this works. This call will start off the sign-in flow described in FedCM sign-in flow.


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