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The IdentityProvider interface of the Federated Credential Management (FedCM) API represents an identity provider (IdP) and provides access to related information.

Static methods

getUserInfo() Experimental

Returns information about a previously signed in user on their return to an IdP, which can be used to provide a personalized welcome message and sign-in button.



// Iframe displaying a page from the https://idp.example origin
const user_info = await IdentityProvider.getUserInfo({
  configUrl: "https://idp.example/fedcm.json",
  clientId: "client1234",

// IdentityProvider.getUserInfo() returns an array of user information.
if (user_info.length > 0) {
  // Returning accounts should be first, so the first account received
  // is guaranteed to be a returning account
  const name = user_info[0].name;
  const given_name = user_info[0].given_name;
  const display_name = given_name ? given_name : name;
  const picture = user_info[0].picture;
  const email = user_info[0].email;

  // ...

  // Render the personalized sign-in button using the information returned above


Federated Credential Management API
# browser-api-identity-provider-interface

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